The Ghost Hunting Issue, Part 1

From spirit bottles to how to win the lottery, and, of course, ghost hunting, issue 82 of the Paranormal Review brings you the best writing and most interesting theories on parapsychological subjects. Paranormal Review, 82 (Spring 2017) EDITORIAL We begin this issue with the President of the SPR, Prof. John Poynton, continuing his exploration of…

Harry Potter and Witchcraft

Satanist to some, saint to others, why have the religious reactions to Harry Potter been so contradictory? Plus, just how do you make a Horcrux? New pages on the website exploring my recent work on Harry Potter from fundamentalism to the concept of the external soul. Read it all here

Tonight we are going to invoke Satan – just for fun

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to a Black Mass? No? Pick up this month’s copy of Paranormal magazine and read ‘Talk of the Devil, Part 2’ – all will be revealed. From the contents page: Continuing the history of the Prince of Evil, the Devil is brought in to the…

Remember The Exorcist?

The priest approaches the bed, a smile on his face. His words are kindly as he addresses the girl bound to the bed frame… Leo Ruickbie, ‘Talk of the Devil’, Paranormal, 51, September 2010.

History of the Devil

New two-part history of the Devil to be published in Paranormal magazine. In the first of a two-part feature Leo Ruickbie reveals the history of the force of evil known in the Western tradition as variously Satan, Lucifer, the Enemy, the Adversary, and most commonly the Devil. In part one Leo reveals the Devil’s origins…

New Article on Magic

I saw him do it. On national TV. Took a voodoo doll out of his pocket and wrapped a thread around it. His victim was watching him, not quite believing. But when he’d finished, could she move her arms? Legs? In the July 2010 edition of Paranormal Magazine you can read my latest article on…

Haiti’s ‘Devil Pact’

“In this Paranormal News special, expert on modern witchcraft Dr Leo Ruickbie examines the legend that inspired a bizarre and callous comment from an American preacher in response to the Haiti earthquake.” – Paranormal, issue 46, April 2010. Click here to read this story in Paranormal magazine.