Life After Death in the Express

Major UK Newspaper Interviews Dr Leo Ruickbie About His Bigelow Contest Win With the headline ‘It’s the real million-dollar question: Is there life after death?‘, the Daily Express devoted a double-page spread to my contest-winning essay on life after death. Journalist Jane Warren chose to feature my favourite case from my essay ‘The Ghost in…

Canberra Times Ponders Life After Death

Bigelow Contest Features in Australian Newspaper The Canberra Times has published an article by Jane Goodall on the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies essay contest on the best evidence for life after death. Launched last year, the contest drew 1,300 hopefuls to apply to take part, with just one in six passing the rigorous requirements….

Friday the 13th

You’ll want to stay at home tomorrow after you read this (maybe): by yours truly (of course).

Britain’s Spookiest Places

Just had my first article published in the Daily Express: THE UK is blessed – or cursed – with the greatest number of haunted places imaginable. From the crumbling battlements of ruined castles and grand royal palaces to cosy country pubs and individual houses, ghosts have been sighted, heard, felt and sometimes smelt the length…