Haiti’s ‘Devil Pact’

“In this Paranormal News special, expert on modern witchcraft Dr Leo Ruickbie examines the legend that inspired a bizarre and callous comment from an American preacher in response to the Haiti earthquake.” – Paranormal, issue 46, April 2010. Click here to read this story in Paranormal magazine.

Haiti Article

My article on Haiti and Robertson’s Devil-pact comments will appear in a forthcoming issue of Paranormal Magazine.

Hexen – Mythos und Wirklichkeit

Interesting new exhibition on witchcraft: Hexen – Mythos und Wirklichkeit 13. September 2009 bis 2. Mai 2010 Das Historische Museum der Pfalz widmet sich in der Sonderausstellung „Hexen – Mythos und Wirklichkeit“ der Bedeutungsvielfalt des Hexenbegriffs. Dabei stellt die Ausstellung das Stereotyp „Hexe“ auf den Prüfstand. At the Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer until 2…

Reinventing the Renaissance Occult

The aim of the day was to explore the different ways in which modern culture has returned to Renaissance esotericism. Some have been drawn to the intriguing remoteness of such teachings from our own more scientific and sceptical age. Others, by contrast, have sought to discover unexpected points of contact between the mysteries of the…

Spells for Halloween

Many people celebrate Halloween by honouring the dead, strengthening family ties, and using scrying mirrors, spells and magic to find future happiness and love. Some of my Hallowe’en research has turned up at something called Suite101.com in an article entitled ‘Spells for Halloween: Celebrate Halloween with White Magic Scrying, Spells and MagicRead’. You can read…