Canberra Times Ponders Life After Death

Bigelow Contest Features in Australian Newspaper

The Canberra Times has published an article by Jane Goodall on the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies essay contest on the best evidence for life after death. Launched last year, the contest drew 1,300 hopefuls to apply to take part, with just one in six passing the rigorous requirements.

An academic in the University of Western Sydney’s Writing and Society Research Centre, Prof. Jane Goodall focused on the impressive academic credentials of those winning prizes in the contest. She noted that with such a large prize purse, the Bigelow contest as ‘the monetary equivalent of the Nobel’.

Unable to go into all the details within the limited space of a newspaper article, Goodall chose to focus on what I had called the ‘Scrooge Paradox’ in my essay, ‘The Ghost in the Time Machine’:

‘Scrooge, who sees a ghost and assumes it’s a symptom of indigestion, is an emblem of how human intelligence withers under the constraints of hard rationalism and rational self-interest. It may take a supernatural apparition to burst the locks on embargoed dimensions of the mind.’

The article, titled ‘Scientists Ponder Life After Death‘ was published in the February 11th, 2022, issue.