Fabulous Beasts Reach Estonia

The Impossible Zoo in Estonian

Yesterday, a box arrived full of books, strange yet familiar. The title read Voimatu Loomaaed: Fantastiliste Loomade ja Mütoloogiliste Olendite Entsüklopeedia. And there was my name as the author. It was, of course, The Impossible Zoo translated into Estonian and published this year by Tänapäev. It’s a lovely hardback edition, a little smaller than the original, with some additional design elements on the cover.

For me, the nicest thing is seeing the dedication to those I love the most being translated into a foreign language to be read by people I don’t know in a country I have never visited.

For those who, like me, find their Estonian to be somewhat on the rusty side, the English version is waiting for you at Amazon.co.uk.