Parapsychology Foundation Turns 65

I asked Lisette Coly, President of the Parapsychology Foundation, how they are celebrating their 65th anniversary:

Lisette Coly: We are busy re-tooling and re-dedicating our programs in light of new technologies with the addition of new projects like the PF Youtube channel which will carry our Classic Perspective Lectures, Face to Face interviews and PF conference presentations, as well as our relatively new  Book Expo directive, the third of which is scheduled for Nov. 12 with some internet celebration plans not yet formalized in early December.

Leo Ruickbie: Looking back over the PF’s history, what do you think have been the high-points?

LC: We are best known perhaps for our International Conference series bringing together scholars, but in retrospect I believe our lasting legacy is the support of students and researchers both with a modicum of  financial support while  acting as a clearinghouse for quality information and a rich resource for navigation and associations within our complex field.

LR: What plans do you have for the future?

LC: Our websites are being reformatted with plans for more PF Lyceum courses and conference forums, Perspective lectures over the internet with, of course, maintenance of our very fine ever growing Eileen J. Garrett Research Library. We are taking advantage of the growing social media trends to better inform the public of our past, present and definite future.

As we seek to remain true to our founder, Eileen Garrett’s original vision for the organization I would invite your readers to reach out to me with suggestions as to how in present day we can best be of service to gain answers to the  questions raised by psychic functioning. As my mother, Eileen Coly, past President of the PF used to say, as I do also,  “We can’t stop now…”

The Parapsychology Foundation was founded by Eileen J. Garrett and the Hon. Frances P. Bolton in 1951 to encourage and support impartial scientific inquiry into such psychical aspects of human nature as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis. (

You can find out more about the Parapsychology Foundation here.