Parazoology in the new Paranormal Review. Plus articles on the SPR’s new home at 1 Vernon Mews and an insider’s inside look at the College of Psychic Studies. I’ve also arranged a special book offer for The Impossible Zoo and there’s a mini retrospective as I chalk up the tenth issue of the new-look Paranormal Review. Here’s the full contents listing:

4 President’s Letter
The President of the SPR, Prof. John Poynton, begins his examination of the Society’s philosopher-presidents.
6 Psi Society
Conference, an American journalist, the new website, Richard Whittington-Egan.
7 Permanent Paranormal Object
Dr Leo Ruickbie exhibits his own parazoological specimen: the Lepus cornutus, or Horned Hare.
8 The Society for Psychical Research’s New Home
Dr Richard Broughton reveals the high drama behind the SPR’s move to 1 Vernon Mews.
11 Unusual Premises
Prof. Donald West reminisces about previous homes of the SPR from Tavistock Square to Marloes Road.
13 The SPR’s London
Dr Leo Ruickbie tours London on the trail of the SPR’s offices, past and present.
28 16 Queensberry Place
Leslie Price offers a rare insight into the College of Psychic Studies as it celebrates ninety years in its current home.
32 Ghosts in the Machines
Brandon Hodge discovers foxes in the rice pot as he explores the history of spirit devices in Japan.
34 10th Issue
A round-up of the new PR so far.
34 Letters
35 Contributors
36 Help Build Your Society

14 Unexplained Animal Powers
Dr Rupert Sheldrake presents compelling evidence for the psychic abilities of animals.
16 Can You Hear Us Now?
Dr Deborah Erickson looks at recent research on animal–human communication.
18 ‘Creation is One’
Dr Zofia Weaver explores animal materializations alleged to have occurred during Franek Kluski’s séances.
20 Creatures Caught on Film?
Dr Melvyn Willin investigates the alleged photographic evidence for zoologically unclassified organisms.
22 ‘Play Them Out,*Alien Big Cat’
Do paranormal pussies prowl the countryside? Dr Alexander Hay grapples with media sensationalism and rural unease.
25 When Angels Encountered the Onocentaur
Dr Edina Eszenyi uncovers the strange symbolism of the ass-centaur from Antiquity to the Renaissance.
27 Parazoology in Practice
What happens when one thinks too much about the meaning of mythological eight-legged horses? Dr Leo Ruickbie finds out.

The Paranormal Review is sent free to members of the Society for Psychical Research as part of their membership package and is also available for sale from Treadwell’s Books, 33 Store Street, London.