Ghost Hunting

How to Investigate Paranormal Activity from Spirits and Hauntings to Poltergeists

A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting
A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting by Dr Leo Ruickbie

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Not since the founding of the Ghost Club in 1862 and the Society for Psychical Research in 1882 has ghost hunting been so popular. There has been an upsurge in books, television programmes, films and websites exploring the reality or otherwise of the spirit world.

Television and the internet, in particular, have fueled this new level of interest, creating a modern media phenomenon that spans the globe. But while the demand for information is high, good information remains scarce.

A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting leads us through the process of ghost hunting, from initially weighing the first report, to choosing equipment, and investigating and identifying the phenomena, with an analysis of the best places to go looking, methods of contacting the spirit world, how to explain paranormal activity and, crucially, how to survive the encounter.

However, it is also a book about ghost hunting itself, drawing on 130 years of research in the cavernous archives of the Society for Psychical Research and even older history to find the earliest ghost stories. A Ghost Hunting Survey makes use of interviews with those billing themselves as ghost hunters to find out their views, motivations and experiences. New and original research makes use of statistics to map the nebulous world of apparitions while a Preliminary Survey of Hauntings offers an analysis of 923 reported phenomena from 263 locations across the UK.

This is, as far as possible, an objective presentation of ghosts and ghost hunting. It is no wonder that mainstream science largely refuses to deal with the subject: it is too complicated. Without trying to convince you of any viewpoint, this book is intended to help you understand more.

What others are saying about A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting:

With so many ghost hunting guides available on the market, how does the aspiring ghost hunter know where to start? The answer is here, in Dr Leo Ruickbie’s no-nonsense and down-to-earth book, which is both an engaging read and a practical guide. (Jason Karl, Paranormal Investigator for Most Haunted, Chief Creative Executive AtmosFEAR)

Dr Leo Ruickbie’s latest book achieves a very rare feat indeed: it succeeds in being scholarly, informative, meticulously researched and very absorbing. If you have ever considered setting out to find a ghost you could do no better than take your information from the pages of this fascinating work, which is a textbook example of how it should be done. (Brian Allan, Editor Paranormal, sub-editor Phenomena magazines)

Very useful and informative, extremely well researched and fluently written. Enjoyable and intriguing as well as exceptionally interesting. (Revd Lionel Fanthorpe, President of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP))

I have always admired Dr Leo Ruickbie’s comprehensive expertise in the paranormal. A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting delivers more than most other ghost guides combined. (Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Author of The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits)

Every ghost hunter, whether professional or amateur should read this book. All will learn from it. (Alan Murdie, Chairman of the Ghost Club)

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