Witchcraft Out of the Shadows

A Complete History

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows
Witchcraft Out of the Shadows by Dr Leo Ruickbie

Today witchcraft is on everyone’s lips, on television, in film and in literature, but few know, or are even able to guess at, its shadowy history.

This in-depth investigation discovers how the ideas we have about witchcraft took shape thousands of years ago in the myths and religions of the ancient world. It also looks at why these ideas were expressed so violently during the era of the witch trials.

Finally, it reveals how witchcraft has been transformed into one of the most radical and fastest growing religions of our age – a religion of equality and compassion that still has the power to unsettle even the bravest amongst us.

With new analyses, fresh insights and groundbreaking material drawn from the author’s doctoral research into the mysticism, magic and social meaning of Wicca, this is the first book to bring witchcraft fully out of the shadows.

What others are saying about Witchcraft Out of the Shadows:

Factual and unjudgemental… a fascinating read. I highly recommend this book to anyone with the slightest interest in the “Craft”. — Marty Dodge, Blogcritics.com

“A fascinating study, and groundbreaking in its sociological analysis…”
Merry Meet: Independent Journal of Folklore and Paganism, Issue 22, Autumn 2005

“I strongly recommend you read Witchcraft out of the Shadows by Leo Ruickbie.”
Occultforums.com, 30 July 2005.

“I highly recommend this book to any individual who is interested in the sociology of an in depth and intense history and the evolution of a social archetype, as well as young aspiring Witches who wish to develop a keener insight into the reality of what it is to be a Witch today.”
Gothic-Rain.com, 28 July 2005.

“… those truly interested in witchcraft and the Wiccan religion will find it appealing.”
Library Journal, 22nd July, 2005.

“Witchcraft out of the Shadows is an engaging book which deserves to be the benchmark for all future analyses of the Craft.”
Alan Richardson, author

“This book is a sound investment and recommended reading for any witch who has not yet thought to examine the historical and sociological effects of this path.”
A. Murphy-Hiscock, WynterGreene, Beltane (May) 2005.

“There is a new book that witches around the world are drooling over. It’s title is Witchcraft Out of the Shadows, and it’s author is Leo Ruickbie.”
David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Saviour.com [no kidding!], May, 2005.

Paperback Edition (2011)

The 15th Anniversary Digital Edition (2019) is also now available.

“Treadwell’s recommends this book as intelligent and accessible.” – Signed copies available from Treadwell’s in London.