Vampire Conference Programme

Vampires: Myths of the Past and the Future

An International Conference at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London

Wednesday, 2 November – Friday, 4 November 2011

Co-Ordinator: Simon Bacon (London)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

9.15 Registration

10.00 Simon Bacon (London): Welcome and Introduction

10.15 Plenary Session:
Ken Gelder (Melbourne): ‘Our Vampires, Our Neighbours’

11.05 Coffee

11.30 Parallel Session 1a: Memories of Vampires Past (Chair: Sharon Payka)
Leo Ruickbie (UK): ‘Vampire Autopsy: Evidence for the Undead’
Ingrida Slepavicute (Kaunas): ‘Vampires in Lithuanian Mythology: from Traditional Legends until Netlore of Children’
Michael E. Bell (McKinney, TX): ‘American Vampires and the Ongoing Ambiguity of Death’

11.30 Parallel Session 1b: Vampires of the Future (Chair: Alannah A. Hernandez)
Aline Ferreira (Aviero): ‘Future Vampires: the Genetically Modified in Octavia Butlers Fledgling’
Stephania Kovbasiuk (Kiev): ‘Dracula of the 21st Century: an Intellectual and a Thinker’
Cheyenne Mathews (USA): ‘Lightening “The White Man’s Burden”: Evolution of the Vampire from the Victorian Racialism of Dracula to the New World Order of I am a Legend’

13.00 Lunch (own arrangements)

14.15 Parallel Session 2a: Images of the Vampire I (Chair: Hannah Priest)
Marco Grosoli (Italy): ‘The Fearless Vampire Palgiarism: Park Chan-Wook’s Thirst’
Victoria Williams (UK): ‘Reflecting Dracula: the Undead in Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt’
Angela Tumini (Chapman, CA): ‘Vampresse: Embodiment of Sensuality and Erotic Horror in Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr and Mario Bava’s The Mask of Satan’

14.15 Parallel Session 2b: Vampire Transgression (Chair: Ken Hollings)
Stephanie Badziong (Cologne): ‘Religious Vampirism: the Elimination of the Church in Perfect Creature’
Judith Schossbock (Vienna): ‘Dreading the Normative: the Vampire in the Queer Horror Genre’
Hadas Elber (Tel Aviv): ‘Dracula meets Darwin’: Contemporary Science Fiction’s Demystification of the Vampire’

15.45 Tea

16.15 Parallel Session 3a: Memories of the New World (Chair: Rikke Schubart)
Enrique Ajura Ibarra (Lancaster): ‘Vampire Science: the Myths of Dracula and Frankenstein in Medxican Horror Cinema’
Alannah A. Hernandez (Chicago, IL): ‘Vampire Migrations: the Long and Winding Road Leading from the Old World to the New’
Ines Ordiz Alonso-Collada (Léon): ‘Vampires in Globalized Culture: the Narrative of Adrianna Diaz Encisco’

16.15 Parallel Session 3b: All that Glitters I (Chair: Angela Tumini)
Reni Eddo-Lodge (Preston): ‘The Anti-Feminist Character of Bella Swan: Why the Twilight Saga is Regressive’
Karin Hirmer (Regensburg): Female Empowerment: Buffy and her Heiresses in Control’
Thuc Doan Nguyen (Fullerton, CA): ‘Of “Cougars” and “Kittens”: Vampire Visual Rhetoric in the Last Three Decades’

17.45 Plenary Session: Remembrance of a Symphony of Terror: Film and Performance (Chair: Clemens Ruthner)
Clemens Ruthner (Dublin): ‘Introduction to Anglo-German Vampires’
Mark Ferelli (UK): ‘Performance: Magic Lantern Performance, “For the Love of Alfred Reginald Natzinck”‘
Hannes König (Lind): ‘Performance: Revenant Noir: 30-minute Black and White Film with Music (World Premiere/Test Screening)’

19.15 Sessions end

Thursday, 3 November 2011

9.30 Plenary Session:
Milly Williamson (London): title to be announced

10.20 Coffee

10.45 Parallel Session 4a: ‘Fangdom’ and Popular Memory (Chair: Sorcha Ni Fhlainn)
Maria Mellins (London): ‘Fangtasia London: The True Blood Franchise and Vampire Lifestyle’
Malin Isaksson (Umea): ‘Traces of Carmilla in Femslash Fan Fiction: Contemporary Female Vampires and their Possible Futures’
Rosemary Candelario (Los Angeles, CA): ‘”I want to be the one”: Vampires and Virgins in Popular Culture’

10.45 Parallel Session 4b: All that Glitters II (Chair: Nadine Farghaly)
Nancy Schumann (UK): ‘Women with Bite: Tracing Vampire Women from Lilith to Twilight’
Christine Feichtinger (Graz): ‘The Vampiric Body of Plenitude: Reflections on the Role of the Body in Stephanie Mayer’s Twilight Series’
Batia Stolar (Ontario): The Gender Politics of Reproduction in the Twilight Series’

12.15 Lunch (own arrangements)

13.30 Parallel Session 5a: ‘Our Vampires, Ourselves’ (Chair: Maurizio Cinquegrani)
Catherine Strong (Wagga Wagga, NSW): ‘Vampire as Celebrity, Celebrity as Vampire’: the Uncertain Boundary between Reality and Myth in the Twilight Franchise’
Nadine Farghaly (Salzburg): ‘Vamp No More: When Bloodsucking Friends Just Aren’t Enough’
Ivan Phillips (Hatfield): ‘The Vampire with a Tousand Faces’: Towards a Physiognomy of the Undead’

13.30 Parallel Session 5b: All that Glitters III (Chair: Malin Isaksson)
Celia Jameson (London): ‘Edward Cullen is a controlling and abusive boyfriend’: Twilight and the Discourse of Control and Coercion in Heterosexual Relationships’
Katharina Rein (Germany): ‘Father, Brother, Child: the Posy-Familial Vampire Society in True Blood’
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth (Umea): ‘” I wanna do bad things with you”: Fear and Desire in The Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood’

15.00 Parallel Session 6a: Mis-Un-Dead (Chair: Ivan Phillips)
Catherine Wynne (Hull): ‘Notions of the Home in I am Legend and its Adaptations’
Maurizio Cinquegrani (London): ‘”Spectral Wanderers of Unholy Night”: the Vampire and the Cinematic City’
Raul Rodriguez-Hernandez and Claudia Schäfer (Rochester, NY): ‘Sublime Horror: Transparency, Melodrama and the “Mise-en-scène” of Three Mexican Vampire Films’

15.00 Parallel Session 6b: Vampires of the Future II (Chair: Bernhard Unterholzner)
Kristin Burnett and Judith Leggatt (Ontario): ‘Bloodsucking Colonizers and the Undead Anishinaabe in Drew Hayden’s The Night Wanderer’
Karma Waltonen (Davis, CA): ‘Octavia Butler’s Fledgling: Postmodern Revisioning of the Vampire’
Georgina Colby (London): Political Bloodsuckers: Neoliberal/Neoimperial Vampires in Bret Easton Ellis’s The Informers and Imperial Bedrooms’

16.30 Tea

16.50 Parallel Session 7a: Memories of Vampires Past II (Chair: Grainne O’Brien)
Hannah Priest (Manchester): ‘Vampirs in those Days: Interrogating Master Narratives’
James Doan (Fort Lauderdale, FL): “For the blood is the life”: Myths and Rituals of Vampirism in Southwest and Plains Indian Cultures’
Achamma Alex (Chengannur): ‘Vampire Myths: Offering Resistance to the Dominant Culture’

16.50 Parallel Session 7b: Images of the Vampire II (Chair: Katharina Rein)
Denis Liboni (Iasi): ‘Dracula between Myths and Reality, Universe and Homeland’
Yakut Oktay (Istanbul): ‘Vampire as the Victorian Aesthete: Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula’
Sharon Payka and Jane Nickerson (Washington, DC): ‘Developing a Course with Bite’

Coffin Trust Lecture

18.20 Reception
18.50 Sir Christopher Frayling (Cambridge): ‘The Nighmare of Bram Stoker’

Sponsored by the John Coffin Trust of the University of London

Friday, 4 November 2011

9.30 Plenary Session:
Stacey Abbott (London): ‘How to Survive a Vampire Apocalypse, or What to Do when the Vampires are Us’

10.20 Coffee

10.45 Parallel Session 8a: Memories of a Forever Youth (Chair: Simon Bacon)
Kelly Doyle (Okanagan, BC): ‘Childish Monsters, Monstrous Children: Boundary, Transgression, Posthumanism, and the Child as Monster in Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In’
Allison Moore (Birmingham): ‘”I’m twelve, but I’ve been twelve for a long time”: Representations of Childhood in Let the Right One In’
Rikke Schaubart (Denmark): ‘”Be me for a little while”: Border-Crossing and Vampire Pedagogy in Let the Right One In (2008)’

10.45 Parallel Session 8b: Theory of the Undead I (Chair: Judith Schossbock)
Christine Knight (Edinburgh): ‘Synthetic Blood and Vegetarian Vampires: the Ethics of Consumption in 21st-Century Vampire Texts’
Odelia Barkin (Jerusalem): ‘Current American TV Vampires and Trauma’
Hannes König (Lind): ‘Vampire in the Mirror: the Psychoanalysis of Immortal Narcissism’

12.15 Lunch (own arrangements)

13.15 Plenary Session:
Catherine Spooner (Lancaster): ‘”Dressed in a silken robe of white”: Fashioning the Vampire from Page to Screen’

14.15 Parallel Session 9a: Vampire Evolution (Chair: Aline Ferreira)
Karin Preuss (Germany): ‘Subversive Aesthetics of Transgression: Vampires in Literature and Film’
Naomi Segal (London): André Gide, Nosferatu and the Hydraulics of Youth and Age’
Karen Leeder (Oxford): ‘”The empty looking glass”: Metamorphosis of the Vampire in Heiner Müller’

14.15 Parallel Session 9b: Vampires in Popular Memory (Chair: Allison Moore)
Erika Grendelova (Prague): ‘Vampires in Comics: Transformation of the Myth as Represented in 30 Days of Night’
Burcu Genc (Istanbul): ‘The Vampire from an Evolutionary Perspective in the Japanese Animation Blood +’
Grainne O’Brien (Limerick): ‘Where’s the Blood? Marginalised or Trivialised? Vampires in the Harry Potter Series’

15.45 Tea

16.10 Parallel Session 10a: Theory of the Undead II (Chair: Hadas Elber)
Marius Crisan (Timisoara): ‘Vampires and Stereotypes: Post-Stoker Imagined Transylvania’
Sarah Horgan (Canterbury): ‘The Anglo-Irish Vampire: Constructions of a Conflicted National Identity in the 19th-Century Gothic Text’
Bernhard Unterholzner (Gießen): ‘Tracing Translation: Vampires, Media, Enlightenment’

16.10 Parallel Session 10b: Mis-Un-Dead II (Chair: Cheyenne Matthews)
Ken Hollings (London): ‘Gothic Machines’
Sorcha Ni Fhlainn (Dublin): ‘”Old things, fine things”: of Vampires, Antique Dealers, and Timelessness’
Isabella van Elfren (Utrecht): ‘Music that Sucks and Bloody Liturgy: Catholicism in Vampire Movies’

17.40 Closing Discussion

17.55 Conference ends

Further details and registration
To obtain further information and register for the conference, contact Christopher Barenberg (tel: 020 7862 8738). Please note the closing date for receipt of registrations is Friday, 21 October 2011.