Call to End Ghana ‘Witch Camps’

George Asekere of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation has issued an emotional plea to abolish the so-called ‘witch camps’ and bring the persecution of alleged witches to an end.

Many Ghanaians believe witchcraft is real and can be destructive. This non-empirical and intuitive mentality with no justification in today’s scientific world, is unfortunately the bane behind the inhumane treatment meted out to people perceived to be witches. It is embarrassing, that in the midst of Christian and Islamic teachings and the claim that rule of law is supreme in Ghana, as many as over 966 women and six hundred and seven (607) children are detained in three out of the six witch camps in the Northern Region. These are Ngani witches camp in Yendi, the Kukuo witches camp at Bimbila and the famous Gambaga witches camp at Gambaga.

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Also in the news is Accra’s Old Fadama slum, home to many of those fleeing witchcraft accusations. Read the report here