Impossible Zoo Recommended on Reddit

The Impossible Zoo from booksuggestions If you like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Impossible Zoo may be for you. List of monsters and such from myth and legend.

Only £1,052.41

My book A Brief Guide to the Supernatural can be yours for only £1,052.41 + £2.80 UK delivery. Why pay the RRP of £8.99 when you can get it from AmysBookstoreUK for this amazing price? I’m not kidding, here’s the page on The good news is that you can get it used for £397.88….

Black Magic Code

 “It began with a letter to a dead man…” My article ‘The Black Magic Code’ on Trithemius, cryptography and nigromancy published in Abraxas Journal. For more details see

Nothing was spoken of but vampires

Just found this review at Another observation that caught my eye was that the start of popularising the vampire was, ironically enough, the Enlightenment. Leo Ruickbie gathers together what was, at that time, impressive testimony as to the actual existence of such creatures, from medical, legal and military sources. By way of a slight…

Ruickbie certainly knows his stuff

From The Vampirologist blog: It features another excellent article, by Leo Ruickbie. Readers may recognise him as the author of A brief guide to the supernatural (2012). A brief guide serves as a classic example to why you (ok, I) shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I was expecting a threadbare pop-culture treatment, but it’s incredibly…

Ghost Club Book Club

A Brief Guide to the Supernatural featured on The Ghost Club website. The perfect introduction to the world of all things eerie, inexplicable and otherworldly.

Good Ghost Guide

Magonia Review of Books: A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting With more than 300 pages of text and more than 50 of endnotes, this book is not really a ‘brief’ guide. Combining practical assistance on preparation, equipment and investigation techniques and protocol, including the all-important health and safety advice, with a brief history of ghost…

A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting on YouTube

A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting now has its own youtube video… It looks and sounds like a computer generated video for

Approved by Egon Spengler

Egon Spengler Would Approve: A Review of Dr. Leo Ruickbie’s “A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting” Dr. Leo Ruickbie may be a specialist in the field of witchcraft, but if A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting is any indication, the man knows he way around a haunted house as well. […]Whether you believe in ghosts or…

A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting reviewed by Dr Tom Ruffles: In an age when ghost hunting groups proliferate but their standards are often woefully inadequate, solid and reliable information on how to carry out an investigation properly is essential.  In response to that need, Leo Ruickbie has written a useful guide which will assist…