Photograph the Paranormal

Paranormal Review Photography Competition Shoot the Next Cover and Win a Camera from Olympus How to capture the paranormal? We have all seen photographs, from the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall to orbs, that claim to show evidence of a spirit world. But no matter how compelling the image, no photograph has convinced the earthly…

CFP: Death, Dying and Disposal 13

Death, Dying and Disposal 13 Ritual, Religion and Magic Conference 6th-10th September 2017 University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK  In popular western culture the number 13 is often unlucky, evoking superstition, or witches. Yet there were 13 members of the last supper, Friday the 13 is lucky in Italy and in Judaism it is the…

Impossible Zoo Recommended on Reddit

The Impossible Zoo from booksuggestions If you like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Impossible Zoo may be for you. List of monsters and such from myth and legend.

Parapsychology Foundation Turns 65

I asked Lisette Coly, President of the Parapsychology Foundation, how they are celebrating their 65th anniversary: Lisette Coly: We are busy re-tooling and re-dedicating our programs in light of new technologies with the addition of new projects like the PF Youtube channel which will carry our Classic Perspective Lectures, Face to Face interviews and PF…

Something Impossible for Your Xmas Stocking

Here’s my Yule present for you: (Don’t worry about the weird ‘hobbiesontheweb’ website, this really is from my giant international mega-publishers. Valid until the 31st of December and Hurry! before someone tries charging over a £1000 for this one, too.)

Only £1,052.41

My book A Brief Guide to the Supernatural can be yours for only £1,052.41 + £2.80 UK delivery. Why pay the RRP of £8.99 when you can get it from AmysBookstoreUK for this amazing price? I’m not kidding, here’s the page on The good news is that you can get it used for £397.88….

I finally get my A-Levels

My first book, Witchcraft Out of the Shadows, is cited in the 2016 edition of the A Level Sociology Student Book. Thanks to Jack Hunter for pointing this out. But, strangely, he found a different reference… Better just buy the book, then.

Book Covers Released

What does The Impossible Zoo look like? My editor at Robinson has sent me the final version of the covers for The Impossible Zoo. We’ve spent weeks discussing the theme and colours, and then had to shoe-horn all the important copy onto the back – and we’ve got a great quote from the amazing Lionel…

Something for Hallowe’en

A recent survey by face-paint retailer Snazaroo found that two thirds of British children did not know why we celebrate Halloween. One in 10 thought it was to do with burning witches, while five per cent said it was the Devil’s birthday. You can read the rest of my Hallowe’en article at

Nothing was spoken of but vampires

Just found this review at Another observation that caught my eye was that the start of popularising the vampire was, ironically enough, the Enlightenment. Leo Ruickbie gathers together what was, at that time, impressive testimony as to the actual existence of such creatures, from medical, legal and military sources. By way of a slight…